Systematic review of hypertension prevalence and awareness in Sub-Saharan Africa


Eléazar Ndabarora
Clemence Nishimwe
Dariya Mukamusoni


Several studies have reported high prevalence of hypertension in Africa, but little is known on awareness and determinants of preventive measures uptake. The purpose of the review was to identify and review the studies which reported at the same time on the prevalence of hypertension and awareness among the participants in sub-Saharan Africa, and to recommend needed research studies and interventions to prevent and control hypertension increase. High prevalence of hypertension was found across sub-Saharan African countries. The increasing hypertension rate moved from 19.7% in 1990 to 30.8% in 2010, with very high increase in some sub-regions up to 77%. A low awareness was found, less than 50% and in some place less than 10%. Also a high rate of hypertensive patients who were not on treatment was found. There is a very increasing prevalence of hypertension and unawareness in sub-Saharan Africa. There is also a high rate of hypertensive patients who are not on treatment.  Studies and interventions aiming at understanding determinants of hypertension screening and treatment uptake are much recommended.