Hospital Service Quality and Patients’ satisfaction within Soddo Christian Hospital PLC, Walaitta Region, Southwestern Ethiopia

Sibomana Providence, Karungi Cissy, Munyengabe Sylvestre



In this paper about Hospital service quality and patient satisfaction have been considered as significant factors for any Hospital that is looking forward to succeed, the research tested a service quality model SERVQUAL to measure patient’s satisfaction with the delivery of service. Five main dimensions of the service quality model SERVQUAL which were applied are tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The model was applied to the customers who had previous experience from Soddo Christian Hospital. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction at Soddo Christian Hospital. The study helps to examine and understand the factors influenced in determining customer satisfaction. Usable samples of 250 questionnaires were collected out of 302 that were distributed to the patients. SPSS software was used to do reliability analysis and regression analysis. The findings showed that there is a significant relationship between contextual factors and customer satisfaction as the correlation coefficient of 0.730 indicate high correlation between responsiveness dimension and customer satisfaction. The analysis indicated that responsiveness of perceived quality have direct relationship with customer satisfaction compared to other contextual factors. Furthermore, this paper reports that customer satisfaction depend on service quality as there is statistical significance of the predictor hospital service quality (F5, 225= 52.395 and p<.000), has probability occurrence of by chance only of less than 0.001) this confirms that, there is statistical significance at 1% level between hospital service and patient satisfaction.

There is moderate positive significant relationship with patient satisfaction as the perceived correlations of four dimensions are: Tangibility (r = .635), Reliability (.r = .645), Assurance (r = .620) and Empathy (r = .622) respectively.