Contribution of women entrepreneurs’ initiatives to community welfare in Kanjongo, Nyamasheke District, Rwanda


Providence Sibomana
Aline Ingabire


Entrepreneurship has been a male-dominated phenomenon from the very early age, but time has changed the situation and brought women as today's most memorable and inspirational entrepreneurs. In almost all the developed countries in the world women are putting their steps at par with the men to increase the productivity of their society. This study has been done purposely to show the contribution of women in country development starting from them towards surroundings in Kanjongo sector of Nyamasheke district, Western province of Rwanda. The socioeconomic contribution of women in community development has been assessed using interview; the economic benefits analysis has been conducted to compare the women entrepreneurs’ status before and after being engaged in entrepreneurial activity. The results indicated that 37.21% of women contributed to the payment of health insurance for themselves and families while they were only 15.12% before. The capacity of paying school fees for their children has increased from 12.79% to 24.42%. The capacity of saving above 50,000 Frw has grown up from 27.91% to 62.8%. Their tax payment capability was raised from 19.77% to 100% as well as the capacity of having domestic animal which has risen from 27.91% to 100%. The construction of houses, job creation and food security also were known as fields where women used their earnings. Women entrepreneurs revealed challenges of lacking experience and skills at a level of 47.67%.  These findings show that women entrepreneurs should be more sensitized on the importance of taking entrepreneurships initiatives and the government should organize short and long trainings to women to enhance their entrepreneurships skills and sustain their businesses.